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    Russia Agrees To US-Saudi War After Deadly Attack On Nuclear Experts

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    A grim report from Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky who is currently overseeing the Northern Banner Fleets participation in the American-led FRUKUS 2011 and “Mailed Fist” war operations off the US East Coast states that both President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin have secretly agreed to allow the US invasion of Saudi Arabia that many believe is planned for later this summer.
    海軍総司令官ヴラディミール・ヴィソツキーロシア提督は現在、ロシア北方艦隊を指揮して北米の東海岸沖でアメリカが中心となって展開中のFRUKUS 2011 及び “Mailed Fist”の演習に参加しているが、このレポート は同氏からのもので、「メドヴェージェフ大統領もプーチン首相もこの夏後半の実行が計画中と多くが信じている米国によるサウジ侵攻に密かに合意した」という暗い内容のものです。

    「FRUKUS 2011」:France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States の海軍が今年6月20日から2週間、ヴァージニア州沖で 参加する合同演習。

    「Mailed Fist 」   : 「Exercise Mailed Fist 演習”装甲した拳” 」のことで、米国海兵隊による大型演習。

    MV-22 Osprey (ヘリコプターの利点である垂直離着陸・ホバリング(空中停止)ができ、且つ固定翼機のように高速水平飛行が可能)を含む海兵隊が所有するあらゆる種類の航空機を動員しての演習だそうです。


    According to Vysotsky’s report, Medvedev and Putin were reported in a “rage” after Federal Security Forces (FSB) linked the 20 June bombing in Petrozavodsk of a Tupolev-134 plane carrying 5 top nuclear experts to American C-4 explosives provided to Chechnya Muslim rebels by Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP).

    The Russian atomic experts killed in this attack included lead designers Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Russia's top nuclear technological expert, Andrei Tropinov, all of whom worked at Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant after the contract for the plant's construction passed from the German Siemens company to Russian hands.

    Even with the catastrophic loss of these top nuclear experts, however, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced on Monday that the Bushehr Nuclear Plant will begin operations in early August, and which the Saudis greatly fear due to Iran’s being able to manufacture atomic bombs once this project is complete.

    As we have reported on many times, including our 28 May report “Obama Vows War On Saudi Arabia, Orders Thousands Of US Troops To Region” and our 23 June report “Nuclear Attack On US Warned Imminent As Saudi War Nears,” the Muslim Shiite supporting American President Barack Obama has continued the United States policy begun under former President George W. Bush calling for the strategic realignment of their Middle Eastern interests from the brutal Saudi Regime towards Persian Iran. [Note: Our 2 reports linked here should be read for their vital context to this report.]



    The reason(s) for the US shifting their long-standing policy of supporting brutal Muslim-Arab regimes has led to what many are calling the “Arab Spring”, but can be more accurately described as an American led effort to destabilize and destroy all Middle Eastern and Northern African countries in order to secure their vast oil and natural gas resources for themselves.
    The Arab Spring (literally the Arabic Rebellions or the Arab Revolutions) is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that has been taking place in the Arab world since 18 December 2010. Prior to this period, Sudan was the only Arab country to have successfully overthrown dictatorial regimes, in 1964 and again in 1985.

    To date, there have been revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a civil war in Libya; civil uprisings in Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen; major protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, as well as on the borders of Israel; and minor protests in Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara.

    The enmity currently existing between the Saudis and the US stems from many factors, including the American rejection of their proposal to form a comprehensive Arab force, together with the US and NATO, to destroy Hezbollah in Lebanon, and both Bush and Obama protecting Iran from attack by either Saudi or Israeli forces.

    The shifting of the US from alliances with Sunni Muslim regimes to that of Shiite Persian Iran is based on many factors, one of the most important articulated recently by Seyed Mohammad Sadeq Kharrazi, Iran’s Former Ambassador to France and the United Nations, who, in part, said:

    “Revolution in Iran as the most prominent example of US mistakes in the Middle East and believe that absence of good understanding about various social strata in Iran caused the United States to lose a valuable opportunity such as Iran. They have used this point in their models and have also got their thinkers to study various models. Their studies have brought fruit in the past years and they are now well aware about what is good or what is bad in the region. The call by Mr. Obama on Israel to retreat behind 1967 borders is a direct outcome of those studies and American strategies. They have reached the conclusion that this strategy will be in the best interest of the United States.”






    Important to note about the coming war between the US and Saudi Arabia is the increasing ties between the Saudi regime and Israel, both of whom know that should the Americans win their countries will be dissolved, and as we can, in part, read:

    “The ties of the Al-Sauds to Tel Aviv have in recent years become increasingly visible and pervasive. This secret Israeli-Saudi alliance exists within the context of a broader Khaliji-Israeli alliance. The alliance with Israel is formed through strategic cooperation between the ruling families of Saudi Arabia and the Arab sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf.



    Together Israel and the Khaliji ruling families form a frontline for Washington and NATO against Iran and its regional allies. The alliance also acts on behalf of Washington to destabilize the region. The roots of chaos in Southwest Asia and North Africa are this Khaliji-Israeli alliance.

    In line with the U.S. and the E.U., it is the alliance formed by Israel and the Khaliji rulers that has worked to create ethnic divisions between Arabs and Iranians, religious divisions between Muslims and Christians, and confessional divisions between Sunnis and Shiites. It is the “politics of division” or “fitna” that has also served to keep the Khaliji ruling families in power and Israel in its place. Israel and the Khaliji ruling families would not survive without the regional fitna.


    The Al-Sauds and Tel Aviv are the authors of the Hamas-Fatah split and the estrangement of Gaza from the West Bank. They have worked together in the 2006 war against Lebanon with a view to crushing Hezbollah and its political allies. Saudi Arabia and Israel have also cooperated in spreading sectarianism and sectarian violence in Lebanon, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and now Egypt.”



    Equally important to note is the Saudi regimes spending of billions-of-dollars to undue the influence of the American led Arab revolutions, most notably in Egypt where this past week they refused to accept funds from either the International Monetary Fund or World Bank to keep their economy from collapse, but whose coffers have been filled, instead, by Saudi oil cash.


    To the “end game” the Americans and their Western allies are steering their nations to was recently articulated by the American Pastor “of the elites” Lindsey Williams whose interview on the Alex Jones Show can be viewed at this LINK and is critically important for you to hear for yourself as World War III lies just around the corner.

    第三次世界大戦がもうすぐなのだ。Most astonishing in all of these events is the American peoples continued ignorance of them, but, perhaps, made somewhat explainable as this once free nation is now being described as a police state that the editorial writers at the New York Times this past week called their countries “new normal.”



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